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Mechanics, Boilermakers and Electrician

Just a quick note to let you know of our other services, that we now have. We have a 150 ton track press to carry out any on and off site repairs throughout the state. It is another avenue if your current suppliers are unable to assist immediately. This also goes for our fully new Isuzu boilermaker trucks, which are fully kitted out. We are again offering this service if you are requiring assistance on site and your current company you are using is unable to help on the day or may even require assistance.

Give Boyes a call any time. We are always happy to assist.

Isuzu boilermaker trucks.

Track press equipment

For all of those who believe we only work on Caterpillar, you are mistaken. We work on all makes and models of open cut and underground machinery.


Field Service – We have a large fleet of field service vehicles (the best presented and maintained) on the road, as well as a large number of field service personal. We have the equipment to diagnose all of Cat’s models and we are available with prior notice to carry out nightshift, anytime.




Workshop – The company has a large facility and has a large concrete coverage, which we know some clients are surprised by how much or by how big we are. Our facility would be 1 of the largest maintenance workshops in the Goldfields. Our tooling and equipment is vast, so as to support a quick and efficient turn around on all work undertaken.

Front workshop (component area).

Photos of the 2nd workshop, yard and boily shop.


We have a large array of exchange components and cylinders for Cat equipment. Too many to mention. Components are a 3rd of our work carried out by the company. Engines, transmissions, diff’s, torque convertors, wheel groups, we do them all. We strive ourselves on giving the best quality final product and the best cover for warranty.

AD55, R1700G and R1700 II exchange complete axles can be made up for exchange.

New and 2nd hand parts – If you are stuck for a part the dealer does not have and you require it right away give us a call. We have an extensive selection of parts, mainly for Cat machines, but we do have some stock of Komatsu, Tamrock and Volvo parts.We are even currently selling our stocks overseas, which is the extent of the list of parts we have.

So give us a call, no job is to big or small. Cat is our expertise but we work on it all, as the photo’s show. Boyes Equipment SVS is as professional as any in the field and can assist you with any projects you may require to be undertaken. Boyes Equipment SVS can turn around any job from the smallest to the largest, being a full major rebuild of a machine. The proof is in the pudding they say. We work 24 hours around the clock and all our full rebuilds on boggers and trucks (all components on the machine rebuilt by us and paint), have been completed from 5 weeks to 6.5 weeks (worst case) depending on the time of the year and the number of them we are doing at the time. Remember we are not just mechanics, we also offer the Boilermaker and Electrical service.


We are all smiles and happy in our job at Boyes. So call in any time and check us out. It would be our pleasure.