About Boyes Equipment SVS

In 2007 Boyes Equipment SVS has greatly expanded, grown and exceeded expectations. Through out the past year we have developed our block at 85 Wortley St to include a 25m x 36m, new and fully operational workshop. This workshop includes a 10 tonne overhead crane, 300 mm concrete through out and can take 785’s and 992’s, enabling faster turnaround and better facilities for our employees, therefore benefiting all our clients.

Boyes Equipment SVS now has three operating sheds, our first shed being 50m x 20x is used for numerous component rebuilds whilst our 12m x 20m back shed gives us room for carrying out full rebuilds and general day to day work. Our facilities also include a separate area for sandblasting and painting. With our new workshop we have even more room and better facilities.

During 2007, Boyes Equipment SVS carried out 7 complete rebuilds. The machines included 1 x AD55, 1 x AE55, 1 x R1700G, 2 x R2900’s and 2 x R2900G’s.

In this time we continuously carried on with all our component overhauls and constant field service diagnostics and repairs. The overhauls were done over a 10 month period, which involved 24hrs around the clock. The machines were completed in 4.5 to 5.5 weeks each rebuild.

Work carried out;

  • Stripped to bare chassis.
  • Sandblast and undercoat all frames and panel in 2 pack undercoat and top coat.
  • All frames crack tested.
  • Frames straightened, cracks repaired and plating replaced as required.
  • All Cat modifications carried out to frames eg stiffening plates.
  • Lineboring of all damaged bores.
  • Components completely rebuilt to Cat specifications. All components rebuilt to give maximum life span.
  • Cabs fully refurbished to the highest of quality of finishes. All latest Cat updates fitted to cabs.
  • All electrical harness’s replaced with new Cat
  • All hydraulic hosing replaced through out machine.
  • Full remote and teleremote overhaul. Complete testing and certification.
  • Grease systems fully overhauled or installed to clients requirements.
  • Caterpillar updates and rectification of renowned fault areas of various machines are all carried out with approval from client.
  • Tubs and buckets are all refurbished to clients required standards and with their required GET.
  • Complete machine operational tests and pressure tests carried out before painting.
  • Machine is completely repainted in 2 pack and decaled to site safety requirements.

We thank all those that supported us through out this busy year and look forward to the year ahead.